Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Army ADD, on to Eldar

Ok, more army builder playing...  Im really getting back into Eldar, and now that I have army builder I can just sit here and poop out lists for hours on end.  This one I think is a lot of fun and I can currently field.

Farseer on jetbike, full wargear, Doom, Fortune, Guide
4 Warlocks on jetbikes, 2 Singing Spears, Enhance, Embolden, Destructor x2

Autarch on jetbike, Laser lance, mandiblasters, Fusion gun
5 man Sining Spear unit, with Exarch, starlance, Skilled Riders, Hit and Run

x2 Guardian Jetbike Squad (5) with warlock, embolden, singing spear
x2 Vyper Jetbikes, Scatterlaser, Spirit stones
x2 Fire Prisms, Spirit Stones

1500 points

Probably not the most competitive list, but would be a ton of fun to just zoom around the board with.  It could certainly smash into some units rather nicely :).

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