Sunday, December 13, 2009

Eldar Army for Conflict

Well, my friends have convinced me to enter my eldar army into The Conflict GT coming up in January.  Here is my current list design!

Farseer on jetbike.  Full Wargear, Doom, Guide, Fortune. Singing Spear

6 Man Warlock squad on jetbikes.  3 with singing spears. 1 enhance, 1 embolden, 2 destructors

3 Man Guardian Jetbike squad, with attached Warlock with singing spear and embolden

6 Man base Dire Avenger squad(in falcon)

10 Man full Dire Avenger squad, with Exarch w/bladestorm, dual catapults.
DT: Waveserpent with Bright Lances, Spirit stones

6 man Fire Dragon squad, with Exarch w/Crack Shot (to help negate smoke launchers)
DT: Waveserpent with Scatter lasers, Spirit Stones

Falcon with Scatter Laser, Spirit Stones, Holofield.

2x Fire Prism with Spirit stones, Holofield.

Ok thats the list.  The idea is to run around really fast and hope to not die. Leave the scoring falcon in the back taking pot shots on an OBJ. Everything else bounces around where needed.  Seer council hopefully makes a mess of anything it can catch!


  1. Im going to assume that youre planning to leave the small jetbike squad in reserve.

    If you want it on the table I might say drop one of the warlocks from the seer squad and those 45pts will get you 2 more guardian jetbikes.

    Also Id think about dropping the firedragon's waveserpent's guns down to the shuriken cannons. Odds are youre going to boost towards a big tank and not fire the first turn anyway. And that gets you 15pts.

    If you do both of those you can use the 15pts to give a shuriken cannon to the guardian jetbike squad.

    Another thing to think about with the remaining 5pts is maybe a missile launcher on the falcon instead. Now im not fully commited to this idea, but it does give you 3 st8 shots at 48" or a little blast marker in other situations. Now I like the scatter laser with the poor Bs of the platform. but it would let you stay at max range and fire everything, rather then having to move in to 36".

  2. I'm with Sean on losing one of the Warlocks for the two extra guardians. I presume you have two that have no powers to eat wounds and not for extra tank killing purposes? If so, I still think you'd be okay losing one. I've never been a fan of only 3 jetbikes in a squad, the Eldar are still too squishy.

    I'd say keep the scatter laser on the falcon though. You already have a lot of S8 and S9 weaponry, and the multiple shots of the scatter laser will be better protection in case any troops do manage to get closer than just the one shot of the missile launcher.