Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My First Post

Welcome to my new Warhammer 40K blog!

My name is Eric and I am addicted to Warhammer 40K. *Sits back down*

I've been taking part in the Warhammer hobby since I was fourteen. My cousin got my my first pack of Eldar guardians,(back when they still had lasguns) and tried to teach me how to paint. Well I never really got into the painting aspect, but found I had a love for playing the game, and really diving into the complexities of the rules of the game. In time my cousin began taking me with him to play in local events using his much larger Eldar army. Life was good.

So anywho, I grew up, continued to play warhammer. I went to college, continued to play warhammer. (And sucked a bunch of friends in as well :P) Got married, continued to play warhammer... you get the idea.

About two years ago I came across a fledgling gaming club in my hometown. At that time we did'nt have a club name, but already had a great core of members that have quickly become my closest friends. The club has continued to grow, and can now boast over 20 active members (and a significant number of semi-active ones). The club officially chose a name and recently ratified it's bylaws. We are now known as Ordo Ineptus! If you want to learn more please check out our website:
Ordo Ineptus Homepage

I hope to use this blog as a home base for my adventures into the warhammer hobby. Hopefully I will be able to share insightful thoughts and fun stories as time goes on. Thanks for stopping by!

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